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  1. New Moderator
  2. Commercial PC220 introduction to Coils and Filters
  3. Some licensing info
  4. Good Call Today
  5. Filter Brochure
  6. Why is Filter and Coil Service Needed?
  7. Customer Reporting
  8. Persistence number: Ron says 8, I say 9.
  9. Evaporator Video Bid
  10. Got 7 out of 9
  11. Amazing what blown debris does to coils
  12. Unit Evaluation - Setting the baseline
  13. Evaluation, almost got it, holding my breath
  14. Dirtiest filters we have
  15. What we did yesterday
  16. 98 units done, All day rain
  17. Filter and Coil Training Thread March 26,27 and 30,31
  18. Coil/Filter Training Signup site is up
  19. Bring your kids to Vegas? You bet!
  20. Coil And Filter Class Attendees Please Look
  21. First Classes Complete
  22. Selling my 1st a/c filter service
  23. Second Coil and Filter Class
  24. We cleaned coils at a factory today
  25. We did this for free today
  26. Friends in Direct Competition
  27. Long dirty night
  28. Done with Spring, summer work starts
  29. Demo Video to be emailed to HVAC Companies
  30. Got to spend another day with Fayth
  31. HVAC back to installing copper
  32. For you Chris Chappell and other guys who took the class
  33. Saw something new this week
  34. If you're not interested in coils you can skip this thread.
  35. Pulling hose across a roof from a lift
  36. Cleaning Filters and Speed
  37. A big THANK YOU
  38. Streeeeeetching out the lift
  39. We "Greened" a building this morning
  40. Air Conditioner Unit identificaton
  41. This phenomenon is from the electrostatic media we use
  42. Problem with techs taking filters
  43. Air Filters at Dallas RT
  44. Weighing to test filters
  45. Copper prices down, we aren't seeing this much anymore
  46. Tony, Need a Little Confidence (hand holding)
  47. Lift Reach
  48. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
  49. New Account over 1000 filters this weekend
  50. Chinese killing our AC
  51. Class with Tom and Corey
  52. 50 Ft lift prices going down
  53. A couple of useful things at Harbor Freight
  54. Biohazard
  55. @nd roof weve been on
  56. Why you fix fins before cleaning
  57. You can clean these in the winter
  58. Back to making video Reports
  59. We also do dry work
  60. Value of Maintenance
  61. Big 5 multitool bargain again
  62. Solar Reclaim
  63. Heeeeeeeeet
  64. 2010 June Coil Cleaning Class
  65. Thanks Chris Tucker
  66. Old ad photoshoot
  67. Coils? Filters? Free prizes for posts!
  68. File access for Class Attendees
  69. Coil Curtain is awesome
  70. Calling Tony
  71. Dirty Fans
  72. Other Aspects - Smell abatement
  73. What's an org done for you lately?
  74. Scam artists
  75. Good new product
  76. No training for 2012
  77. Winter coil work
  78. A different animal
  79. Can anybody guess what this is?
  80. Coil Cleaning Las Vegas Nevada
  81. Tony you ever use Viper Brite?
  82. Coil cleaning Machine
  83. This is how we dooz it!
  84. Spent the week working with Matt N
  85. You might be a redneck
  86. Indoor Gun Ranges
  87. Proud Father
  88. Good Morning
  89. More extreme coil cleaning
  90. Coil Cleaning
  91. Wall of experiments
  92. Now, for something completely different
  93. We love rooftop work!
  94. This is how I initially cleaned filters.
  95. Another Fall
  96. Where to start?
  97. Condenser coil basic pricing??
  98. Heat exchanger tubes