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  1. Pressure Washing, Roof Cleaning, Graffiti Removal Houston TX

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    Clean and Green Solutions
    Kingwood and Houston, TX

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    Clean and Green Solutions of Kingwood, TX is a family owned and operated exterior cleaning and indoor air quality Services Company for residential and commercial properties.

    Clean and Green Solutions
  2. Kitchen Hood Cleaning Pressure Washing Houston, TX

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    Dickinson, Texas
    Business: 832-289-WASH (9274)

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    An unclean hood can result in a devastating fire. Adhering to a proper cleaning schedule can prevent cooking flames from igniting the grease and starting a fire. Below is the Schedule of Inspection for grease build up as set forth by the NFPA.

  3. Pressure washer for Sale houston Texas

    Quote Originally Posted by Lightning Gene View Post
    If you want a good heavy duty pressure washer here it is. Most of the units you see for sale is 4.4 gpm....5.5 gpm but this one is 8 gpm which means more cleanning power for those concrete jobs and commercial residential work. At 3500 psi and 8 gpm you can tackle them all. 200 ft of new hose, 2 wands, 325 gallon tank, all mounted on a 16 ft tandem trailer with alomost new tires. For more info call Gene at 979-412-1294

    •Location: B/CS
  4. Confident Roof & Exterior Cleanings New Spray rig Houston Texas

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott D. View Post
    Here it is finally. Built by SoftWash Roof & Exterior Cleaning Systems and sold by Took it out for its trial run today. Just a small 2000 sqft shingle roof and it worked like a dream. Here's what its got:

    1. Fully welded aluminum frame with ladder rack.
    2. Two 125gl tanks. One for roof mix and one for house wash mix (or one for shingle and
    one for tile)
    3. Two delevan 7gpm fatboys.
    4. Two 18" aluminum Titan hose reels