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Florida Pressure Washing Company Blog

Welcome to the Blog of CleanFast USA, a pressure washing and exterior cleaning services company based in Central Florida. CleanFast USA is a provider of power washing services to the commercial real estate, commercial property management, retail, restaurant and hospitality industries throughout the state of Florida.

This dynamic company also provides exterior cleaning services to:

- Community Associations
- Homeowners Associations
- Multi-Unit Appartment Complexes
- Rental Management Companies

Follow us on this blog... if you are interested in our services, feel free to call us any time at (407) 552-1441 or email us at

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Orlando Pressure Washing Services.

  1. Orlando Pressure Washing | 2014 Property Management Budget Preparation

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1171.JPG 
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ID:	26510Calling all commercial property managers! Our services come 'Property Manager Approved'... don't ask us about what we do, ask our property manager customers.

    CleanFast USA is a shopping center pressure washing specialist - we are familiar with the nuances of shopping center management and consider ourselves a 'partner' in the effective management of your properties.

    We are more than the company that sprays water, moves about some dirt and ...
  2. Gas Station Pressure Cleaning

    As a gas station operator you will be well aware of the competitive industry you are are in, and that customer loyalty is often based on price and location. However, you will also recognize that any competitive advantage you have over your nearby competitors can add to your bottom line.

    That competitive advantage could be clean, gum-free, spill-free sidewalks, parking stalls and under canopy area. Your clean, well-lit property could be the deciding factor for multiple customers each ...
  3. Pressure Washing Service Helps You Make A Good First Impression

    CleanFast USA is a pressure washing company in Orlando, FL that is a 'First Impression Specialist'... the name says it all!

    If you are a property manager, building owner, facility engineer or business owner, call us now and allow us to take care of making the right first impression with existing and potential customers.

  4. The Dividends of Pressure Cleaning

    In the same way that you reap the dividends of a smoother operating vehicle by changing oil and air filters regularly, pressure cleaning can assist with the smooth operation of a restaurant, business or shopping center.

    How? Why?

    Take the example of the restaurant manager, they have to schedule an employee(s) to come in out with business hours to pressure wash the sidewalks, dumpster pad area or loading zone... employee hours wasted. They then have to ensure that they ...
  5. Orlando Sidewalk Cleaning

    A retail store, restaurant or fast food place may be know as the best in town for their food or service - but to those that don't know and may be a first-time customer, the importance of sidewalk cleaning and general good housekeeping of the property exterior is utmost.

    A clean, gum-free sidewalk may be one of this first things a customer notices and could have an influence on whether they choose that particular place or go to the establishment next door.

    If you want ...
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