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    Pressure washing Standards in the Retail Sidewalk Cleaning Industry

    We have Been Cleaning Sidewalks for 30 Years in the Valley of the Sun

    Sidewalk Cleaning In Phoenix Arizona, Pressure washing , Roof Cleaning, driveway Cleaning. ...
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    Release date: 05/04/2001
    Contact Information:


    Luke C. Hester 202-564-7818 /

    On April 25, Coastal Hydro Services, Inc. of Houston, Tex., pleaded guilty to violating the Clean Water ...
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    I graduated from Burnsville High School in 1981. In 1985 I graduated from Bethel College with a four year degree in business administration with minors in economics and communications. From 1983 through 2000 I was in management at UPS. I spent time managing in a number of different departments including Business Development, Operations and Industrial Engineering. ...
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    Avoid Property Damage ...
    We are not a lawn care company that does pressure washing sometimes.
    We are not a window cleaning company that does pressure washing sometimes.
    We are not a painting company that does pressure washing sometimes.
    We are not a part-time pressure washing company doing washing on our days off.
    There are many good professional surface cleaning companies offering valuable exterior washing ...
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    IKECA was founded in 1989 when a small group of exhaust cleaners were attending the same meeting. They found that they all had similar needs and beliefs in the importance of proper and complete exhaust cleaning to the fire protection world. Within two years, these founders had created the first trade association for the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry.

    Almost twenty years later, IKECA Members represent the best companies in the industry, and the association has made significant contributions to the decrease in commercial kitchen fires in the US.

    Recently, IKECA joined ANSI with the intent to develop a definitive ANSI standard for cleaning and inspecting commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Once completed, this standard can be adopted by other ANSI organizations (NFPA, ICC) as well as jurisdictions across the US.

    And that’s just the beginning. With members all over the world, IKECA is bringing its core beliefs and ethical standards to every part of the globe, and continuing to lead the industry in certification and education.

    What is Certification?
    Certification is a knowledge-based recognition of an individual who shows a competency on the guidelines, codes and standards in the industry. By studying the materials and passing the test, a student shows that they have a working knowledge of the required codes and standards that apply to the entire industry.

    Neither training nor certification guarantees that any company or individual will do a good job. Some organizations offer “certification for life” and others let candidates take open book exams. IKECA’s programs are different. We believe that individuals should continue their education well beyond the exam, and that those that we certify, uphold the most rigid Code of Conduct and Ethics in the industry.

    IKECA Code Of Ethics:

    All Members shall agree to uphold the following:
    To, at all times, serve our clients with integrity, competence and objectivity;
    To perform all work for clients in accordance with the latest standards and practices published by IKECA;
    To clean all readily accessible areas of the kitchen exhaust removal system, utilizing positive cleaning methods and techniques consistent with proactive by-product management;
    To strive to comply with all applicable municipal, state and national codes and guidelines during the course of business engagement;
    To ensure that safety of life and property remain an integral operations effort;
    To strive to comply with all applicable industry-related environmental standards, and practice with ongoing awareness as continuing education advances the industry;
    To operate with a good working knowledge of available products and to specify, where applicable, those accepted within the industry as efficient and effective;
    To establish initial and ongoing documentation consistent with local, state and national guidelines regarding kitchen ventilation by-product management service schedules and scope;
    To strive to continue education consumers, neighboring industries and authorities with respect to kitchen exhaust removal systems;
    To strive to operate morally, ethically and in good conscience during the course of maintaining kitchen exhaust removal systems;
    To obey local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations as they pertain to our industry;
    To remain within compliance of the policies, standards and practices and by-laws of the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association.
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    I have been servicing the property management industry for over 25 years. My very First Company was Wessex development with Jack Wison & Bruce Utterback. Tibsherany was my second Customer as he was the Mayor for a spell during the early years. I owe much of my success to Albert & Jack, the networking these guys passed down to me is the reason I have many friends in Influential Places. Eddie Bashas was the next guy who took me under his wing. To have the largest Grocery store and governor candidate show interest in my charities and company was a life's accomplishment. Through Eddies insight I continue to take my company to the next level.

    Well enough about the mentors and how Pro-Powerwash has become the largest sidewalk cleaning Company in Arizona. We simply have worked hard and been honest with our business practice. We provide great cleaning at responsible fair pricing. I learned long ago that business is about everyone making money. Fair pricing and understanding customers needs have been right up there with Safety, quality and on-time sidewalk cleaning.

    We continue to improve our standards and protect the environment by staying up on the latest and greatest technics the industry has to offer. Pro-Powerwash provide awareness programs to contractors and customers over the years.

    We hope to deliver many more Years of excellent service.

    If you need a Sidewalk Cleaner for the Phoenix Metro Area Please give Us a call 1-800-346-1189

    Ron Musgraves
    480-522-5227 Mobile
    602-694-2680 Acct

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