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    These are photos taken of a restaurant kitchen exhaust hood systems flues and ducts in Santa Monica, California.

    The steam cleaning company currently servicing this kitchen exhaust system is certified by a kitchen exhaust cleaning association that claims its members are held to a higher standard than non members, and they also emphatically state that their members clean kitchen exhaust systems to bare metal from top to bottom every time.

    These pictures prove that this is a lie.

    Notice the areas on the flue leading to the fans that were missed.

    The accumulation in the lateral grease ducts is proof that parts of these kitchen exhaust systems have been neglected for many years.

    If this restaurant were to have a fire that spread in to these ducts and flues, the grease would most likely catch fire, and could possible spread to the building endangering lives.

    It is the responsibility of every kitchen exhaust cleaning association to be on top of their members to make sure that partial cleanings like the one in these pictures do not happen.