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    I have been servicing the property management industry for over 25 years. My very First Company was Wessex development with Jack Wison & Bruce Utterback. Tibsherany was my second Customer as he was the Mayor for a spell during the early years. I owe much of my success to Albert & Jack, the networking these guys passed down to me is the reason I have many friends in Influential Places. Eddie Bashas was the next guy who took me under his wing. To have the largest Grocery store and governor candidate show interest in my charities and company was a life's accomplishment. Through Eddies insight I continue to take my company to the next level.

    Well enough about the mentors and how Pro-Powerwash has become the largest sidewalk cleaning Company in Arizona. We simply have worked hard and been honest with our business practice. We provide great cleaning at responsible fair pricing. I learned long ago that business is about everyone making money. Fair pricing and understanding customers needs have been right up there with Safety, quality and on-time sidewalk cleaning.

    We continue to improve our standards and protect the environment by staying up on the latest and greatest technics the industry has to offer. Pro-Powerwash provide awareness programs to contractors and customers over the years.

    We hope to deliver many more Years of excellent service.

    If you need a Sidewalk Cleaner for the Phoenix Metro Area Please give Us a call 1-800-346-1189

    Ron Musgraves
    480-522-5227 Mobile
    602-694-2680 Acct