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    Pressure washing is a effective cleaning method for many exterior jobs. However, the work of an quality contractor for your project.

    Finding a qualified pressure washing business can be a daunting task for the homeowner. The following guide has been developed to help you locate a quality pressure washing contractor.

    1. Educate Yourself. First and foremost, realize that education is your best line of defense. With pressure washing, the possibility for damage exists. Take the time to understand potential risks and how to minimize ...
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    This Says it All about Russ Spence and ProKleen Pressure Washing. Russ Has been On Staff at the Pressure Washing Institute and was Administrator for three Years. Russ is also the current Administrator at the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners (UAMCC) Forum. Russ is raising the standard in the industry and building a Successful Wash Business. Russ led the PWNA nationwide Campaign for Water reclaim in 2009. Lets here What customers and his Peers have to Say about Russ?
    In this day and age the best references we can give are those that come from our peers, below are the references from Pressure Cleaning companies and customers that we have worked with and helped from across the country. “Russ has proven to be an industry leader. Offering advice to any and all within the pressure washing industry. In addition to running a successful business he is the administrator of one of the leading pressure washing forums on the internet. Russ believes in quality before quantity and it is reflected in his business practices.”Scott Karvonen, Owner Karvonen's Pro Clean - Sylvester Georgia Prokleen Power Wash has relieved my company of the stress of looking for contractors, we have properties in multiple States and Prokleen Power Wash now services the ALL!Rebecca Knight, CPM - Property Manager, Atlanta, Georgia “Russ is a very hard worker and he is very detail oriented. He enjoys his work and is very friendly and a great people person. He is always expanding his knowledge about his field and how he can improve his ways to better serve people who request his service. He stands behind his work and is very professional. Just give him a call and a job and you will not be disappointed! He is definitely someone I would recommend to everyone. Russ is the best in Alabama and he even does some travel as needed; what more could you ask for? For more info please take a look at his very informative and well formatted website ”Stacie Spence, Owner, Candles by Stacie - Prattville, Alabama “Russ is a leader in the pressure washing industry. He specializes in concrete cleaning throughout the state of Alabama.”Dustin Cook, Owner, Palmetto Pressure Clean - Lexington, South Carolina Russ and Prokleen take care of 6 of my Restaraunts on a monthly basis from Montgomery to Tuscaloosa and Birmingham Alabama. I enjoy seeing them because I never have to check their work !Frank A. - Montgomery, Alabama “When I used to live in Selma, AL, I hired Russ to pressure wash my 100% vinyl sided house and very large wood deck around my pool. He did an excellent job, for a fair price, in a short time. I have known Russ for a long time and would highly recommend his pressure washing services to everyone.” January 4, 2008Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High IntegrityWilliam M. (Bill) Hardy - Auburn, Alabama “As the current Administrator of the Pressure Washing Institute, Russ has brought the forum up to a level of professionalism that it deserves. Russ is consistently promoting high standards of quality and betterment of the entire industry and I have no doubt that he applies these same principals and ethics in his own thriving business.”Celeste Gothorp, Owner, Carolina ProWash LLC - North Carolina “Russ Spence is known throughout the pressure washing industry as an honest & hard working contractor. There is nothing Prokleen can't do, from small local jobs to large scale multi state maintenance contract jobs. Russ is a leader in the pressure washing industry and I would highly recommend Him.Jeff LeCours President LeCours Inc J L Pressure Washing - South Carolina “The pressure washing industry has had the good fortune over the years to have Prokleen Power Wash as a contractor. Russ' attention to detail and "can do" approach has not only served his customer base well but also has served the entire industry as a shinning example of what good old fashion hard work can accomplish. 100% customer service oriented is what makes this company stand out from the rest!! Highly recommend.”Carlos Gonzales, Owner, New Look Power Wash and President of UaMCC (United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners) - California “Russ Spence is an outstanding resource. His company Prokleen Power Wash, has grown by leaps and bounds. This growth is a testimony to his hard work and drive for success.”Ken Fenner, Owner, PressurePros, Inc - Havertown, Pennsylvania “I have worked with Russ on BBS related issues. He is a kind, helpful person who is fair minded and eager to achieve results. He is an asset to the industry he serves.”Beth Borrego, Owner, See Dirt Run! Inc. - Germantown, Maryland “You would be well served to contact Russ at Prokleen Power Wash for any of your residential or commercial power washing needs. His service and quality of work are top notch. I definitely recommend his company.”Trey Posey, Owner, Sentinel Cleaning Inc - Helena, Alabama “I've worked with Russ to help better the Power washing Industry through networking and Communicating with others in our field to help raise the standards needed for us to do the best possible job. I would Recommend Russ and his company to anyone who wants the Job done right.”John Tornabene Owner of Clean County Powerwashing / Clean Up America of New York “Russ is one of our industry leaders. He has helped take my company to next level. It's people like Russ, that takes the curve out of learning curve. Thanks Russ, David Vicars Owner A-PLUS Pressure Washing”David Vicars, Owner, A-PLUS Pressure Washing - South Carolina “I Have worked with Russ over the past few years and have found that he is a man of his word and works well with other team members.”David Saulque, Owner, A - I Air Vent - California “We are writing this letter to recommend Prokleen Power Wash for you power washing needs. Russ is one of the best in the industry. His professionalism, attention to detail, and overall industry knowledge set Prokleen above the competition. We have more than 30 years experience in the service industry and can honestly say that Prokleen Power Wash is one of the best companies in the industry.”David O'Connell Jr., Owner, Reef Pressure Washing - Wellington, Florida “The pressure washing industry has made advancements over the last few years as a direct result of Russ's efforts. I consider him one of a handful of professionals that are truly making a difference.”Matt Bryan, VP Operations, Bryan Exhaust Service - Los Angeles, California “Russ and I have worked together for the past few years in an effort to better the industry. Russ is very professional and knowledgeable.”Grant Mogford, Vice President of Operations, Flue Steam, Inc. - Culver City, California “Russ is a leader in the Pressure Washing Industry on an Educational level. Participation in activities that promoteprofessionalism and advancement of the Pressure Washing Industry.”Michael Kreisle, Owner, First Choice Power Washing LLC - Lexington, Kentucky Prokleen Power Wash was Hired by us to clean 11 different Shopping Malls in Georgia, we call 10 different companies and Russ was the ONLY company who had the insurance (Liability, Vehicle and Workers Comp we required). In addition to that Prokleen also had the most competitive price. They are a must for any property managers.Linda H. Property Manager, Atlanta, Georg
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