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    Message from Eric Clark, President of PWNA
    May 20, 2011

    From Eric Clark, President of PWNA

    I want to announce to the power washing community that Mike Hilborn has resigned as Executive Director of the PWNA. His resignation is in response to a post that he made Monday, May 16th. Within 12 hours of his post, Mike recognized his very poor judgment and had the post taken down first thing Tuesday morning, replacing it with an apology. Tuesday evening Mike called me and communicated his great remorse and submitted his resignation. He took full responsibility for his actions and said that his actions were his own and that they reflected poorly on the PWNA, thus requiring he resign as Executive Director.

    The PWNA does not, and cannot condone this type of action. This episode is an embarrassment to our organization, and to every Power Wash Contract Cleaner; the negative behavior between fellow contractors needs to stop. This type of action reflects negatively upon the entire Power Wash Industry and gives our customers the perception that Power Washing Contract Cleaners are uneducated and not Professionals similar to Plumbers, Auto Mechanics, Painters, or other Trades.

    Negativity breeds negativity, and nobody wins; every contract cleaner loses status as a Professional Contractor every time this type of action happens in public. Our Public Perception will largely now be determined by how this industry acts as a whole on the Internet, and particularly on the Industry Bulletin Boards. Every time you make a Negative Post you lower the Public Status of the Entire Power Wash Industry, and confirm that we are not Professionals! Our Profession will be treated exactly how we act as a whole.

    Mike Hilborn has been a major part of the PWNA and has taken us to greater heights by volunteering his personal time and money to attend many contractor events, creating and teaching Certification courses, assembling trade shows, and many other great pieces of our organization. His Emotions overcame his Better Judgment temporarily resulting in the loss of a key leader in our industry. I feel itís a shame.

    Again, the PWNA does not condone this type of behavior.

    I feel there is a lesson to be learned by everyone involved; act accordingly to how you want to be perceived, are we Professionals or Not?

    Thank you,

    Eric Clark
    PWNA President