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    Tell Me About Email Marketing

    Email marketing is one of the most important digital marketing channels because it has the highest ROI of any marketing tactic, according to LYFE Marketing. It can get as much as a 3800 percent return. That’s $38 in revenue for every $1 you spend. About 20 percent of companies are seeing an ROI...
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    What Software and Apps are you using?

    I use all Google and Microsoft services and Windows 10, also studying now Photoshop, so I can say that I use it too.
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    Rent vs. Own, Sanders and other equipment

    Hello everyone.I want to say that renting will be much more expensive if you use it on an ongoing basis than just for one thing, my sander recently broke down and now I choose a new one because my old sander was, to be honest, not very good, and while I try other sander, took an orbital sander...