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    Question about removing paint from standard home brick

    A local car wash company recently contacted me about cleaning their location and if possible, removing the paint from the brick as they are tired of having to repaint it every 6 months to a year. Is there a chemical out there that could remove years and layers of paint off this brick? I can get...
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    Need input on concrete mixing truck bid

    Right next to my shop there is a concrete company with 40+ 2015-2016 mixing trucks. They want me to put a bid in for cleaning these trucks once a week and also a bid for once every 2 weeks. I have always done residential/commercial washing and washing in the oilfield, never any truck or fleet...
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    Graffiti removal on commercial front building

    Driving through town today I turn and see this on an old, empty dealership front right off the main highway. It kills me that people are so immature and disrespectful. I've lived in this town my whole life and would like to know the best way to clean all the graffiti off the store front. It is...
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    Oil change help!

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    Oil change help!

    I need advice on how to change my oil on my 20 hp Honda motor mounted to my skid. The drain plug is on the left side of the engine and is so low to the frame that you can't put anything underneath it to drain the oil. I will post a picture of it to show. Does anyone have an easy, and cleaner way...
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    Hydrotek Trailer

    A guy is wanting to sell me his Hydrotek pressure washing trailer. its factory from hydrotek. 16hp vanguard, 3200 psi 4.5gpm on a tandem axle trailer. unit has 1,270 hours which is what concerns me. oil is clean though and the machine looks like it has been very well taken care of. Wanted to get...
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    Deck cleaning help. Process/pricing

    The flat part of the deck is 900 sq.ft., it is 3 levels, just a single step down to each level. They only want a estimate on cleaning it, to get it ready for sealer (husband is going to seal) but I wanted to give them an estimate for the cleaning and an estimate for a full wood restoration...
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    X-jet help!

    Looking to buy an x-jet and wanted some opinions before I buy one. I run 3500psi at 5gpm. Any particular brands, places to buy one? I'm doing a school building soon, 16ft walls, yellowish colored brick. What kind of chemical/soap would you use for a job like this and what method would u use? I...
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    Gas station help!

    Okay, so there are 2 gas stations that are wanting estimates. Same owner. They want a estimate for a deep cleaning the first time, then a once monthly estimate (basic wash). One is around 12,000 sq ft and the other is 18,000 sq ft. Having a really hard time figuring an estimate because I know...
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    Double pain window cleaning. Need help

    I have 2 potential customers for window cleaning. I am a pressure washing business but have done some residential window cleaning. I'm having a hard time pricing these jobs, and helP is highly appreciated. Here's the descriptions: 10 windows - 2ft x 52 in. 10 - 2 ft x 28 in. 28 - 3 ft x 32 in...
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    5th wheel cleaning, help

    I have my first 5th wheel cleaning job today, just a regular wash, and dress the rims/tires. the roof is pretty green, but the sides are'nt too bad. My question is, should I use a car/truck wash soap on this with a brush, or treat it as if it were a house and use Jomax and pressure wash it? Any...
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    deck cleaning

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    deck cleaning

    okay so i have a client that has a deck (14x16.5) which is 231 sq.ft. and she's talking about just having it cleaned. strictly water and pressure basically cleaning the top layer of dirt and mold off the deck. im trying to talk her into a full restoration but we'll see how that goes. im not sure...
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    RV's and Travel trailers

    im looking to get into washing RV's and travel trailers. the city i live in has a power plant that is growing and there are several trailer parks that will be packed due to the people traveling from out of state for the work! so i figure these guys arent gonna have time to wash there trailers...