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  1. Interested in saving time, energy and money while fleet washing!

    There are only two ways of removing road film, you can create friction with a brush, or by letting the soaps do the work and chemically neutralizing the surface of the truck allowing you to easily...
  2. Lifetime Coil Warranty is against leaks in the...

    Lifetime Coil Warranty is against leaks in the coil pipe for the life of the machine. It is effective from the date of the announcement made on February 7, 2014. This warranty is applicable to Hydro...
  3. Special Spring Savings on all Hydrotek pressure washers!

    Starting in 2014 Hydrotek is the 1st in the industry to offer a LIFETIME warranty on their heating coil. You will burn as little as 1 gallon of diesel/hour to heat the burner. The industry average is...
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    Custom built trailer packages!

    If you are looking for a custom trailer package that has dual axles, 10K rated and can assist you in cleaning just about anything, then contact Terry Craycraft at Hydro-Chem Systems 800-666-1992 or...
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