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    ...and who puts their own sunburned face self portrait on the home page of their website? Now you know what he looks like.
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    counter his theft by stealing from him! on your site make a notation that your work is sooo good that major nationwide contractors (link his site and pics) use your pics of work to sell their jobs! i really don't see the big deal in this unless its in the same market or nation wide like this guy. someone wants pics i have hundreds now, any newbies out there not in my market need pics?
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    Watermarking software...

    Here is a link to an easy to use and inexpensive watermarking software...

    $24.95 if you buy it. I think they have a free version, not sure.

    I bought it and it works great.

    check out the table of contents images at

    I did those... and they have a link to how to do without the software
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrKlean View Post
    How would YOU feel if you found someone else using YOUR "before and after" pictures on THEIR pressure washing site? Basically, they are promoting and profiting from MY hard work and (somewhat amazing) results! They are about to receive a "Cease and Desist" letter, but in the mean time, I had to take all my pictures off my website and plaster my name all over them to "watermark" them so that no one else can use them.

    TIP FOR YOU GUYS: If you like to show off your work, watch out - there are some lazy mo-fo low life's out there looking for an easy way to rip more of "our" customers off. So learn to use MS Paint to paste your company name on your pictures so others can't profit from your hard work.

    That company has been doing that for awhile now. I have heard others say the same thing. Thats why i have copyright protection on my web-site.
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    Hey guys thanks for the heads up. There was two of my pictures on his website.

    I spoke with the gent this morning and he pulled my pics down and was very nice. He said he was using a website building co and they stole my material along with some others.

    I called him last night when I found this thread and he returned my call this morning and removed the stolen pictures. He was a nice guy, it was the webmaster that stole the pics.

    Thanks again guys for the heads up


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