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    Again, it is up to the parent. Some parents would allow someone else to punish their children and that is their perogaitve.
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    Interesting perspectives, although the question is not being asked or answered, "What is the purpose of the gun"? Is it a deterrrent or is it a defense, or both? As a deterrent, I can see how the theory "nobody knows but some teachers have guns" could work, but I could also see it being a complete farce. Kids are smart, and they'll ultimately figure it out. If they are to be used as a defense, then the whole "in a safe" concept makes absolutely no sense to me. I couldn't open my locker in high school and I certainly couldn't do it when bullets were whizzing past my head. At night in a safe, from 9-3 visible but unavailable to students.

    But lets not forget this too, teachers are having sex with students at incredibly alarming rates today, they are no longer considered credible bastions of good will. Whose to say they don't become the shooters!
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    teacher Still are not carrying guns
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