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Thread: City licenses

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    Yeah I agree, because we apparently are making millions of dollars
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exterior Attack PW View Post
    No I wasn't upset about that. All the cities and counties want to do is suck money out of us.
    Thats Florida for ya.
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    I got stopped the other morning as they were going into work.

    65.00 later I now have a license in this city.
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    Wow, there must be some public employees who don't have enough to do if they have time to hassle somebody who is clearly just doing a job.

    In our case I somewhat understand with the copper thefts on rooftops

    Four times the local geniuses have surrounded my guys while they were on a roof and turned on the sirens to get their attention and called them down from the roof.

    These high ranking members of Mensa each time failed to call the number displayed 5 times on the side of the truck and lift. (if they had I would have given them the name of the building contact person and their cell number)

    Each time they walk away shoulders stooped, pudgy cheeks drooping in a fashion that only a man who has just been deprived of the privilege of ending another man's life in a hail of gunfire can walk.....They shuffle off to 7-11 to steal donuts and ponder why they didn't notice that most copper thieves dont drive $60,000 trucks attached to $40,000 lifts with $15,000 worth of cleaning equipment running at 95 decibels. And I also wonder.....

    BUTNever have the hall monitors of our society asked for my license. (Only property managers do that, because they have to shuffle a lot of paperwork that they don't look at, or maybe they look at it with a fine tooth comb because they are mad at all men.....)

    Do I sound cynical tonight? Sorry....I'm just in one of those moods.
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    I was told I was required a county license here as well as a city license. The city one was required in the city the business is located. The city told me i needed it to operate here but didn't need it the next town over. Possibly wrong but that is the way I am rolling right now.

    Cameron Jerzerick
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    There are about 100 incorporated cities in Los Angeles County, and many of them require licenses to do work there. Each city has it's own method of determining how much you have to pay each year. You are going to have to call each incorporated city and find out which ones require it, or you may be able to get that info from the county.

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