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    Analytics review

    If you have a website do you, or will you after reading this, study the analytics of your site? If your not familiar with this it is an overall view of the hits on your website. My web guru gave me a link set up thru Google Analytics to view the amount of hits, including bounce rates (accidental discoveries of your site), successful impressions and gobs of other info. I suppose that anyone can view these informational bits of info thru Google once entering their site info, but I'm not totally sure on this one that's why I pay someone else to do this stuff. I don't know why someone from Diamond Bar, California looked at 2 of my webpages for 4 minutes 30 seconds on Nov. 18, but it's interesting to know!

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    I use it, its free, its great. Ive had peeps from Greece, Russia, and several other far away places on my site. The VAST majority of them from Georgia. It lets you know where, from where, what search engine, what operating system, what browser, what conection, how long, what page, what keywords and on and on and on.

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    I do. I however use

    Pat Heinl -
    Pressure-X Power Washing, LLC
    Pressure Washing in Summerville, SC
    Serving Dorchester county, Berkeley county, and Charleston County

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