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    Faxing and Spamming Exclusion

    Just got my insurance renewal and it now includes an endorsement that excludes: Distribution of Material in Violation of Statutes

    It excludes any liability coverage concerning email, faxes, phone calls, or other methods of sending information. So I'm guessing the insurance industry has been hit with the anti-everything acts. I personally would make sure you have permission to fax.

    I've done the unsolicited proposals Ron suggests. I always call asking if I can send some information on maintenance services. Never had a refusal. I put the person giving permission in my contact log. May be overkill but the Indiana AG has a thing for this.

    By the way they have worked very well for me.

    Thanks Ron.

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    Rick, Thank for the KUdo's....I personally know the law inside and out. They are worried about the guys who think the can auto generate E-mails and faxes random.

    If you have names and its directed to a person and not just sent your within the guidelines of the law.

    Yes the insurance company is protecting itself because you have stupid people that push or are just to stupid.

    Here's another example of people breaking the law, I have heard it happen to people here. Flyers, some places putting flyers on the doors its not leagal. Another is people putting them on the mail boxes.

    You and I know theres a way to distribute flyers legally. What if your insurance company started including that in there policy.

    They are just protecting them selves from stupid people.

    Keep send the unsolicted, dispite the permission or not if you address correctly and do not make it advertisement then your never going to have and issue. Start advertising and your going to have a problem. (some guys are scrathing there heads)
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