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    Gutter Clean Outs?

    I am giving a quote on a condo complex. I measured all the gutters. One building has about 1500 linear feet of gutter and the other building has about 2000 linear feet both of which are 2 stories up. I don't know how to price this amount of gutter. When I price residential I price it at $1.25 a linear foot for a 2 story building and have no problem getting that. I've never quoted this big of a job any help would be great.
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    I dont normally charge for gutter cleaning if I am doing the roof's. But just gutters I would think that you should be able to get .20/.25 a linear ft for a 2 story, a little less for a 1 story.
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    Exactly what method are you going to employ to clean and flush out the 1500 L.F. of gutters? Do you clean them out with your hands and some sort of 'reaching' tool, or are you going to blow them out with your machine? Are you able to walk the roof safely or will it all be ladder work?
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    Basically gutter should be cleaned at least twice a year.You may consider if it would be better to hire a professional gutter cleaning service to do the job.

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    you can flush em out good with 8-10 gpm zero degree #40 tip. You may be able to go .50 You might be better to look at how long you will take to do the job. If you think you can do it in one day the go $1000-$1500. Maybe it will take 2 days. That is how I look at it. You will have to go cheap, but work smart and you will do well.

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