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    Michele Bachmann Wants to Get Rid of EPA

    Michele Bachmann Wants to Get Rid of EPA
    In the first presidential debate of the 2012 primary election season, CNN hosted seven candidates for two hours in New Hampshire. One of the most vocal candidates, who announced her official candidacy at the event, was Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., who voiced her displeasure with several things that were wrong with the government.

    Bachmann spoke like she was a lawyer arguing her case. Her former occupation was a federal tax litigation lawyer, which makes sense as she was trying to make her stance known before a jury of thousands of New Hampshire voters during the debate.

    One of her most stark assessments was that Congress needed to get rid of the "job-killing" Environmental Protection Agency. That's the agency responsible for clean air, water and natural resources in the United States.

    What would happen if the EPA no longer existed?

    Companies wouldn't have to conform to environmental standards. They wouldn't have to spend so much money on making things safe for wildlife. They won't have to spend millions of dollars on clean coal or cleaning up toxic waste. Instead, that money can be reinvested to hire more people and to buy more machines to get more products.

    Forget about pristine forests all over the country. There would be so much acid rain spewed into the atmosphere from huge factories that it would contaminate the water supply of some of our most precious natural resources like timber. At that rate, once the forests are completely destroyed, we could build cement and concrete houses for all of our homeless citizens. But hey, at least billions of trees had to die first, right?

    Not to mention the acid rain that would fall on the United States would ruin crops and stunt our agricultural activities. The United States is more than just an industrial nation and Bachmann's platform seems to rely too much on manufacturing and heavy industry.

    Those magical rivers and streams that supply freshwater for fish, irrigation and even human drinking water would be contaminated when corporations can go back to simply dumping waste chemicals into streams. They wouldn't have to safely dispose of anything. See that vat of methyl isocyanate over there? Pesticide companies would be able to dispose of such waste however they choose as the EPA is responsible for monitoring the removal of hazardous waste materials from industrial operations.

    Bachmann doesn't realize the EPA creates jobs with hunting and fishing, ecotourism and the agency helps keep our National Parks clean. Get rid of it, and manufacturing companies will be allowed to do whatever they want to regardless of the consequences to the great outdoors.

    For someone from Minnesota, this seems to be s shocking assertion that the EPA kills jobs. The only things that will be killed by such a drastic move are the 10,000 lakes in Bachmann's home state. Instead of the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," Minnesota will become the Land of 10,000 Cesspools.

    What's even more startling is that Bachmann states on her own website she wants the United States to be energy independent while at the same time to "find innovative solutions to help protect the environment." She can't have it both ways. How can Bachmann want to protect the environment by getting rid of the very agency designed to just that?

    No one would want to live in such a toxic environment when Minnesota is laid to waste with such poisonous vitriol. Plus that land and lakes would be unusable to humans.
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    And the sky will falllll !!!!
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    Think about the trees!!
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    Give me a break. The guy that wrote this article was a campain volunteer for Obama. I read huffington post's article about this and it wasn't even as bad!
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    I skimmed through it. First I want to see where the constitution allows for the EPA. And 2nd the federal government isn't allowed to own land whiich means that national parks are unconstitutional and can't be protected by the Federal government. So I'm cool with it.
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    Think of Our children, We're killing our children. Oh Noooo mr. Bill!

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    I think a lot of regs are ridiculous but getting rid of the EPA and all regs is ridiculous too. I can remember back many years ago when industries just let crap flow. I remember Boston Harbor when the water was actually thick, it smelled. I remember Narragansett Bay smelling and now theres seal and even a dolphin or two. I remember I think it was in Michagan (not sure) but the water actually went on fire from the pollution. DDT and no birds of prey anywhere in my area of Mass, now you see eagles, hawks etc

    Thats the problem with our elected officials its always one extreme VS the other extreme. Be sensible, have protections but don't choke out business. God forbid if the both sides could actually work together. Reagan worked with Dems, Clinton with Republicans and now, not a damn one of the sides will work to the middle. Sound bites and BS

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    Ron Paul wants to get rid of the EPA and the IRS and the NEA.
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