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Thread: what size axles

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    what size axles

    What size trailer axles should I get. I am looking to make a 4 man trailer Maybe/Probably and take equipment from other trailers and maybe buy another new unit. , it will have a lot on it 2, 5.5's and 2 8's 4 reels for pressure line and 2 reels for feed these will either be stacked OR build frame above and have all or most reels hanging and also use as ladder rack, 375 or 500 gallon tank will not be traveling with water. Will have at least a 100 gallon SH tank tool boxes, gas cans etc etc etc. All my trailers now are getting old and have smaller axles, I think around 3500lbs

    I will be putting a ton of stuff on this trailer it will be a 14 or 16 footer nothing bigger due to warehouse and fitting it in with other trailers. Should I be looking at a 5000-5500lbs axle OR MORE 6000-7000lbs

    I also want to find a trailer constructed right strong. I look at all my trailers now and my welder says they all are medium quality/strength at best

    What size axles? My trailers hve been through a lot and pretty beat its time to start rebuilding etc etc

    The first picture I have added a 3rd machine right on the floor in front of the hot unit. 3 man trailers are kind of awkward either need a 2 man or 4 man cause my guys work in crews of 2

    The enclosed trailer is pretty beat I redo the floor ever two years because we carry 3 55 gallon drums of SH when we go on the road. No matter what we put on the floors and walls the spilt SH eats it up. Have double coated it with Line X and installed drains, epoxy paints etc etc when your busy chit spills and have had to build up frame because SH eats the frame too. Trailers been with us maybe 7 years I think. it has 2 machines

    All the springs on the two open trailers are bottomed out pretty much and its just time to rework everything


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    Jeff I bought a new trailer last year. I beleive it has 6k lb axles. It is very heavy duty. Pipe top and square tube frame. Its heavy enough that I wouldnt like pulling it with a half ton truck every day.
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    Something to think about is the stronger the axles, the heavier the fram will be also as I found out while shopping for a stronger trailer so while you have stronger axles, the added strength and structure will be sometimes another 1200 to 2500 pounds so you have to deduct that from the total weight you want on the trailer along with the actual weight of the trailer.

    I also would not want to pull this trailer with anything less than a 3/4 ton truck, preferably a 1-ton truck and definately have brakes on the trailer axles along with a good brand brake controller in the trucks that will pull this trailer.

    A gooseneck trailer would be a great trailer for this project and some of them are low enough to get into parking garages. Flatbed style without the top rails will allow more access to the equipment and loading/unloading of equipment but everything that is on the trailer would have to be secured so it does not fall off.

    With enough feed hoses, you can run 4 machines off a 500 gallon tank no problem, just have 3 or 4 of the 3/4" feed hoses long enough to reach enough water faucets.

    I have a 5gpm, 5.6gpm and an 8gpm machine on the trailer with a 325 gallon tank and have had 3 or 4 supply hoses to keep the machines running doing apartment complexes and other large concrete projects and this is all on a 14' regular trailer with 2 of the 3500 pound axles.

    Hope this helps.

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