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    Quote Originally Posted by Jared View Post
    Mike when you say limited warranty what does that mean?
    +1. What are you proposing to the customer in the limited warranty to keep the roof clean 5-9 years?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diamond Jim View Post
    A warranty is for goods bought like a car or appliance not a service . Providing a cleaning service of some kind comes down to guaranties of the work preformed.
    This all depends if your service is actually a cleaning. My customers are told this service falls into more of a "pest control" category. Maybe its all easier understood if you compare it to other pest control warranties.

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    +1 what ed said. If I explained the whole thing to everybody then what type of advantage would it be?

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    I give a full 5 minute tail light warranty.
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    Pest control does have warranties and guaranties depending on the service. With roof cleaning we are just removing a stain and cleaning off the mold debris giving the roof a better chance of meeting its warranty . The definition is pretty clear of each word and warranty doesn't fit the service in my opinion. It's maintenance or preventative maintenance that should be done every so often to keep under control.My biggest issue with the explosion of roof cleaning is the marketing material gimic claims I see when a client shows me the marketing material by some of my competition . I've been cleaning roofs for 15 years and after the initial cleaning witch most are brutal and just about all are house wash or deckcare clients .It becomes part of the overall house maintenance plan and addressed depending the environment of the property.I just take care of it when needed or before it gets out of control.It's simple if you clean stuff it last longer and looks better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by innovativewash View Post
    This is what the customer is not believing! Guys who offer cleaning roofs and say it will stay clean for 5 years. What if its under trees, shaded most of the day or the neigbors roof is filthy? There are to many variables to give that claim. Just my 2 cents.
    5 years is much more realistic than a lifetime warranty. No one expects brake pads to last forever, we just expect a free set when they wear out.

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