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    These are good scent maskers for SH.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apple Roof Cleaning View Post
    Well, I can take credit for a lot of what is now the "accepted wisdom" for roof cleaning equipment, and methods, but I can't take the credit for the term "The Love", though I have used it. It was coined by a guy named Frank, who posted as "Some Guy Named Frank" on the old Delco Board. He is no longer in Business.
    I was unaware Dave Olson is dead, but I sure as hell remember all the others, especially Lance Winslow! It is unfortunate the Old Delco Board was taken down. There was a LOT of old school knowledge there, that is still valid today! Yes, Scott Stone is still with us, as are myself, Ron Musgraves, and Beth and Rod. I thought I saw a post from BigBoy some time ago, somewhere ?

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