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    We could learn a lot from other industries

    Please take a look at how the Street Sweeper industry has taken a bad situation where they were almost regulated out of existence then turned it around with a concerted campaign that not only changed them from "polluters" but turned their service into REQUIRED as part of a BMP!!!!!!!

    Here is one of their sites:

    Here is a preview - notice that when an industry spends 10 years fighting to be recognized for the good they have done instead of acting like they are some kind of pollution criminals it changes the entire mood of the industry.

    This MUST be the new face or powerwashing or we are screwed. We are already starting from behind the end zone and are years behind in this.

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    ..another lesson in "Sustainable Relationships"
    .. and effective application of reasonable BMPs.
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    We could learn a lot from other industries

    Great find Tony
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    It would be interesting to find out the History of "How" they got to where they are.

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    lets continue to classify us as Class 3 hazardous waste creators so we can become elite industry leaders who are broke.
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