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    Is duplicate content hurting your SEO efforts?

    Since all the Google updates of 2012, and expect more in 2013, duplicate content seems to carry more of a penalty than every before. In the past it seemed, at least to me, to be more of a filter than a penalty but I think the updates have changed that. You may be thinking - I wrote all my content, it is all unique, I am not copying it myself - so I have nothing to worry about....WRONG!!!

    Infact, if you have truely written good, original, helpful content then you should be even more worried! I am in the process of changing some of my sites over to wordpress so I can better manage the content and SEO on the sites. As I was doing this my rankings actually dropped - weird. Before the switch to wordpress my sites had very little content - as most of the "words" were really images. Since the updates in Google, this doesn't really work that well anymore which is why I decided to make the switch to wordpress.

    So after I scratch my head a bit wondering why my pages dropped I decided to go to copyscape and dig around. Turns out my content has made itsway all around the internet, even in the UK and Australia! After my initial shock, denial, and then anger - I knew I had to do something. My previous attempts to get sites to take off my content has never worked so my only choice was to update all the content on my sites so that I am no longer penalized. Even though the content was originally mine Google will penalize everyone - and because mine was originally an image it looks like I am just the latest content thief!

    So - the moral is - check copyscape often to make sure nobody is stealing your content. And, update your content regularly if anyone is stealing it (and even if not really).

    Since I have already changed much of the content it is hard to prove to you what I am saying here but the content on this San antonio site was originally stolen from me ( now 2 of my sites show up (one at 2% and one at 44%) and and a short list of others - this is just one example of one of my inner pages...after I made some changes...

    So as I am going through and rewriting all my sites my rankings are slowly coming back in the right direction -

    JUST AN FYI!!!

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    Just to name a few...

    Daniel Simmons
    Pressure Washing America, LLC
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    I just had my lawyer send a letter to a couple people stealing my content on my website today! I have never stolen content from anyone besides myself. And stolen content does hurt w Google results but I think there is more than that effecting your website ranking.

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    This is why I leave this part for the pro's. To many hacks out there worldwide.

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