I see your points, maybe we should have full discloser to the Attorney Generals Office.

I'm going to ask about how this past activity could affect us, I mean we know now your a Dist. Back then you were listed as contractor. You ran your event and with a 100 people charged 135 each , thats a guess of about 13,500 bucks

All along you stated your a Contractor when later details came out your actually a dist.

I guess what Sometimes constitutes legality is declaration. Even though this was maybe slanted in some peoples eyes because you hide the facts instead of declaring.

I can see how this could have clearly jeopardized the Bylaws.

Did you personally benefit by using the org support? Of course you did, the association of the org and members made the event a success. ethically was this Fare to members who paid for a real membership to have there events promoted?

Will have to look at all these things,I'm all for disclosers and finding the truth.

I mean if we are going to run this thing right we need to make sure things like this never happen, well some men will always be deceptive.

So Matt when the FBI needs to find a Bad check writer then bring in a bad check writer, so I ask you how could we prevent guys like you from doing this in the future.


I would respond at TGS but I can't