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    Spots on Windows

    Hey guys. I've got an account that we pressure wash for and have been doing so for about a year. We have been using the same degreaser for all out accounts for about 18 months and have never had a problem with it. About a week ago, they called and complained about spots on the glass starting about 3 feet from the ground. They are saying it is overspray from our degreaser. They asked their window company (different company from us) to clean it and they couldn't get it off. I sent my guy and he had no success with razor blades. I tried some window polish paste and it was clear for a minute or two but then came back. It can scratch off a little with the razor but its very inefficient. Does anybody have any suggestions or recommendations?

    Thank you!!!

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    It's possible that the mineral content of the water you are using for pressure washing has changed and you are dealing with hard water spotting. Depending on the type of minerals it may lighter upon cleaning and get get worse as moisture in the air makes it react again. I'd suggest getting a more aggressive hard water cleaner and test it on an area. Or get some cerium oxide and a white scrub pad to abrade the stains off as they might contain silica that will bond with the glass.
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    I had some issues once and they were taken care of with vinegar, water, and a LOt of elbow grease.
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    One restore and 0000 steel wool and start weak .0000 steel wool is a polishing wool won't scratch glass . In a pinch pick up Zuds at the grocery store . Sprinkle into damp rag and buff glass then use 0000 steel wool.

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