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    As with just about everything else, Big government and big companies have their hands in everything. They say, Small companies are the back bone of the country and yet the big cats are always trying to take more than their share from the small cats!!! Complete control is the goal...

    Michael Heward
    Coastal Cleaning Service (Pressure Washing, Roof and Window Cleaning)
    Serving Central and Southern Anne Arundel CO.

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    I was contacted by them two days after the state approved my contractor's license and they said "x amount of people are looking for your services in the areas..." I listened for a bit and then I realized they probably didn't have anybody in my area. They went through the spiel of telling me how much I'd have to pay them for their "leads". No thank you. Especially so after watching the video above and reading some of the different reviews about them on this thread.
    Tim Fridolph
    Red Oak, IA

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