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    Selling my pickup what's next

    So I'm selling my f250 and don't know exactly what I want next. A big part of my decision will be based on what the customer see's and if it says this guys equipment is helping me sign this paper.

    1 The newer style hightop vans like ford connect has a lot of billboard are for branding but limited in towing. But will will great for window cleaning accounts.

    2 A full size van has more room but still requires a trailer.

    3 A box truck keeps everything protected plus a billboard.
    4 A flatbed will hardly require a trailer but is limited on advertising. At the same time the equipment screams pressure washing company

    Jeremy Dents small van and aluminum trailer or a flatbed really have me torn but Im open to suggestions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Atlas Motor Group View Post
    I know you're just spamming because this post is 3 years old but I am curios, what is that arm for?
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