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    Solar panels and distilled water

    Never got the water fed pole, good thing as it would get used 1 time a year. I am giving a bid on the house pool cage, deck, and floor of garage. When I looked for up sells I saw the solar pannels and they are in need of cleaning. My only source of water is well water and I would rather not use that water on the panels, question is can I just use distilled water with a surfactant, with a mop and pull with a squeegee? Hate to leave money on the table and I have to sets of these on ground level. Pic is to but there is 88 pannels. Thanks.

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    I've used a wfp on the small number I've cleaned, but regular water or distilled with a good cleaner should work.
    Haven't tried this out, but Titan is a very reputable company https://shopwindowcleaningresource.c...-cleaning.html

    It can be purchased from other sellers, if you have a problem with WCR.
    Dan Wagner
    Dan Wagner Window Cleaning

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    Danwagner What kind of mistakes have you done when it comes to cleaning panels?

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