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    Service agreement

    Hello powerwashing world. does any here can email me a great fleet service agreement that will hold up in court and thats on a yearly bases
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    I was in the contributing members board session in Houston and asked about forms. A lot of back and forth.
    To make it short you should give the client a proposal, with price per unit, how often ec..... and then ask what the clients accounting system needs submit to them invoices for payment. The manager that signs it is who you are depending on to stick with the 12 month term and they depend on you delivering on your proposal.
    You will never be able to "force" them to pay for the term if they change their mind. They'll just say you aren't doing a good enough job.
    Shoot Paul at the power wash store a call I think he did fleet for 25 years.
    A simple "I do this you pay me that" one page proposal will get you all of your work.
    Showing up and doing a good job will keep you the client.

    Were you at the Houston event?

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