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    Web Equipment Buying

    I bought my first set up through a local Power Washing company that sells equipment and soaps etc, been going there for years. I bought a 19 inch surface cleaner like 3 or 4 years ago and it was running strong up until we noticed the strips it was leaving behind. I brought it to the company and they said it was just the nozels that were bad so they replaced them. I get it back and it is still doing the same thing, grrr, not happy.

    Now I ask for a price on a 4gpm belt drive machine and the sales guys sends me a quote for over $2,000, I walk into the show room days later and see the very same machine on the floor for around $1,900 the sales guy quoted price was much more. My faith in them is no longer very good. So I am thinking about buying a machine online but am worried that if it need service who do I bring it to, also not sure what company's are good at online sales.

    Any advise? Thank you,
    Alan Hamer
    Renew Power Wash
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    Any of the sponsors of this forum are excellent to work with. My vendor of choice is there is a lot of freedom in working on your own machines, and if you have a modicum of mechanical ability, it is fairly easy to learn and do.
    Scott Stone
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    What he said. We, as power washers learn to work on our own equipment pretty quick. Only when I have something that i cant handle do i bring it to my local ripoff artist.
    Steven Mendez
    Fryeburg Maine
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    residential exterior cleaning and deck restoration services
    Audentes Fortuna Juvat

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    I work on all of my own equipment, but when it's something I can't figure out I take it to the "local ripoff artist" and thank them when there done. Your machines performance reflects your business performance.
    In time, it would be worth the extra money in repairs [emoji6]

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    There are plenty of places to go online that I've had great results with.,, and

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    freight to Australia

    We get a few parts from America as they are cheaper.
    Go figure?

    Can you recommend a supplier that ships to Australia.
    Thanks in advance.

    Peter Heath
    Operations Manager


    Roof cleaning

    Pressure cleaning

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    you can get a belt drive 5.5 gpm | 2500 psi machine for $1600. When you are making $100+ an hour, you are not going to think twice about spending money on machines.

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    The biggest advantage to buying local is warranty repair. That's the most important consideration.

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