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Thread: Down Streaming

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    Down Streaming

    Right now I'm using a Pressure Pro low pressure injector right before my gun with a two story nozzle kit and your standard 65 degree soap nozzle for up close spraying. I'm wanting to add a chemical tank to my trailer and batch mix my solution, then pipe it in and down stream it from the trailer. We know the low pressures nozzles draw the solution in and allow it to flow downstream and be applied to the surface your cleaning, I run a ball valve at my gun and I always turn it off, remove the gun, and then open the ball valve to allow water to flow and prevent the pump from burning up while letting the chemical soak. The problem I am having it this: With the tank and tubing at the trailer, when I cut the ball on and let it rest it acts as a low pressure nozzle and draws in all my soap and waste it. How are ya'll preventing this? Im not sure how long the pump can idle without popping the thermo relief??

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    plumb the unloader bypass back to the water tank, your gun connected
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