What's going on?
UAMCC news- Ron Musgraves has been removed from our FB group.
My admins did something that many feel the UAMCC should of done which is vote to remove Ron for what would be a bylaw in an org which is this "Conduct unbecoming of a member".

I've known Ron for 20yrs & we are friends with a love hate type of relationship. Since the UAMCC implosion that involved Ramon Burke at the core it was clear to many that the UAMCC President George Clark overstepped his position & violated multiple bylaws to force Ramon out. George knows this & when he saw that my admins & myself seen right through what he did George Blocked some of us & left this group.

Ron who pretty much orchestrated George to even be a President & who will probably stay on past his term because that's what Ron wants, kept defending George's terrible actions. In the process of Ron doing this they felt he deliberately was hurting the reputations of the guys who were hurt by George. These guys that they determined Ron was hurting, are members of our group here.

I personally gave Ron the longest leash I could here but I can't keep defending him when I know also George was dead wrong because of my vast experience dealing with orgs. We also concluded that the BOD's below George are covering for him because they are afraid to deal with the repercussions if they didn't. They call this "closing ranks" to protect their leader even if he is.....dead wrong.

So the time has come. I thanked my admins for spending endless wasted hours on this for them to decide that now this has to be done. So......it's done!

Where should we start John?

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