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    Pump up for graffiti?

    I clean a large amount of bigger tags-typically 3-4 ft high X several ft in length. I use taginator and other products depending on surface type. Does anyone know of a suppler that handles a good pump up for applying these rugged cleaners? I bought one of taginators but the tip only shoots out two solid streams and isn't adjustable, but is all stainless which is nice. The problem being that it puts out way to much product in a coarse spray and is a real pain treating areas especially ones thx have any texture at all. I have a pump cart I built with a shur flow set up that I use for applying concrete cleaners etc but am not going to risk melting the insides of the pump on that one so I use less expensive plastic pump ups for the graffiti removers and just end up keeping a few extra on hand as they deteriorate.

    Also is there such a thing as a sure flow that would be built to be able to Handel these product? Yah I knw there are some out there that claim to, but Im asking if anyone has used one that REALLY works and I can get some extended use of. I always rinse out my sprayers whne done using but the chems are pretty hard on them as you know. Thanks in advance for anyy suggestions.

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    Iíve had great success w the sprayer from Worlds Best

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