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    Newly started business looking for advice

    Hey guys,

    Im new to this blog thing but I see a lot of helpful answers on here so I thought I'd join to ask my own questions.
    Right now I have about 5 car lots I'm doing a week bringing in about $1,100 a week. Working only 3 days a week though until I get more clients. I'm also very new to this business. Im just using my house water and having a worker come by after to dry the cars. I'd love to get a spot free rinse to add to my tank or something to help with water spots! Anything to create less needed drying would be awesome.
    I hope some of you can help.
    Thanks so much

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    You can get either a DI tank or spend more money and get an RO/DI system and run your water through it. Depending on what's in the water you use, DI may be sufficient. That's the short suggestion.
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