Work comp in pressure washing can be a pain in the a** to find affordably. Friendly tip: These work comp carrier underwriters are better than private investigators, I swear. I know that picture on your website/facebook is cool with your guys showing their guns on the side of that roof, playing ladder games, or leaning off of the lift for a photo op...but it has consequences. Before obtaining quotes or even maintaining a policy make sure that you are looking at it from their perspective. By all means don't withhold any information, but the silly super risky pics have got to go. Take a look at your website or social media/business pages and look at them from the eyes of someone that may have to put money aside to get you approved...Would you put money aside to take on your risk based on the photos you have up all over? That is a good rule of thumb on how to make your company look most favorably to the PEO/Employee Leasing market or standard work comp carrier underwriters! I'm here to help if you have any other questions. Pressure Washing.jpg