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    12v Beckett Burner problem

    Hello all! Im having issues with my Beckett 12v ADC burner. If any of you fine people could help me out it would be greatly appreciated
    Ill start by saying that I know nothing about burners or burner repair.

    My rig has been sitting for awhile and ive recently fired it back up and get it in tip top shape to sell. Everything was working fine
    the water was heating and pressure was good, then i bumped the heat up to about 200 degrees and the burner stopped heating the water.
    The burner was still on, and could see some fumes and a little smoke coming out of the top, but not heating the water. The fuel tank had about a quarter tank of diesel. I shut everything down. Today i went and filled the tank completely up, fired the unit up, and it heated the water fine, just with ALOT of smoke coming out of couple of areas of the burner. I took some pictures of said areas. I noticed there is some soot build up on the pipes coming out of the burner. The exhaust itself had quite a bit of smoke coming out of it as well. Fearing a fire, Shut everything down and here I am. The entire unit itself only has 140 hours on it, and the burner probably has a little less than that im guessing. I guess my question is, can I fix this problem myself? or how much should i expect to pay to have it tuned up and serviced. Here is some info about my unit and some pics of where the smoke is coming from. Thank you to everyone in advance!

    Todd McCown

    purchased in 2014
    Hydrotek mobile wash skid. model SS35006hg with 140 hours on it.
    Burner is a Beckett 12v ADC model burner
    burner problemresized1.jpgburner problem2 resized.jpg

    Todd McCown
    Pressure Pros
    (210) 913-9457
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