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    Budget Time- property mang. lesson #1

    Its that time of year, we will put two extra folks on submiting about 4000 proposals.

    stay tuned and i will tell you how we do this every year and what the values are.

    Those who join i will share secrets personally and even send you documents and photos to help you.

    Let me know if your interested or call me.

    Please post your instant message name so i can talk with you on that also. thanks.

    NEW POST 10/20/05

    This is going to be and exciting series, I will have photos of and acct we started marketing about 9 months ago.

    This account will have monthly revenue of about 8000.00 per month.

    We will have video presentation and photo presentation by Tuesday. I will post the photos for sure.

    Those who actually participate and measure will receive the videos by mail or e-mail.

    Awhile back I talked about meeting Eddie Bashas a super market king locally here in Arizona. I will also spotlight this story as they have become a great customer.

    NEW POST 10/24/05

    When we talk about marketing everyone want to know that one widget that works.

    Well I’m here to tell you that no one widget works.

    It’s a campaign of many different and areas.

    I have mention in the past about various things we do around our office. I will start in detail about a few of them.

    When dealing with property mangers it’s not easy to get mail and brochure in there hands. I don’t care how good or how many you send.

    So you need tangible marketing items. Note pads, calendars, cups, pens & so forth. We mail some we deliver some.

    Funny during the holidays I used one that another BBS member suggested. Everyone put the idea down and said your nuts. I being nuts myself said self try it.

    It was as simple as a bag of micro popcorn with a bow. Since then we have graduated to chocolate, movie passes that we trade another vendor and some other items.

    I know, a gift in this day of age is wrong. SO WHAT. At least I get a call please we do not accept gratuity. I got a chance now to talk with them. Please give me one chance, just one.

    You see I’m going to make a sexist but true statement. Well it’s not sexist, just that the last time I check the stats, 68% of this occupation are female.

    Oh my word, look out Beth. Hey if you don’t thing female contractors have and advantage. Your nuts, in this industry they have a female org that I support and they promote hiring females. Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Female owned businesses too.

    So chocolate is equalizer. Just kidding about that, not really but I don’t want to ruffle feathers to much.

    I will have to admit I don’t handle the female property management well. My direct approach I have had to tone down.

    Maybe at another time I could approach the 5 types of sales.

    Keeping the 68% female thing in mind I changed gears a little. Some women are straight forward and some want the truth they just want it different.

    For tonight, don’t ask questions, think about your customers and the names of the manager that you have won and the one you have lost.

    The reason is I did a study about myself and my sales people, I also took a seminar on closing, I hadn’t taking any fresh up course since college. This was where I opened my eyes.

    This is important, men and women are different and you need to know you’re primarily dealing with women.

    Oh wait, Ladies that own your own business. Don’t get too excited that you have and advantage. If you actually the motivated and run the company. Your profile may be wrong also.

    NEW POST 10/31/05

    Budget Time,

    Property managers are figuring there 2006 budget.

    If you understand where they are then you will be able to sell them more efficiently.

    Triple net is how the center is financially managed.

    Triple Net Lease Law and Legal Definition

    A triple net lease (also known as "NNN") is a lease in which provision is made for the lessee to pay, in addition to rent, all expenses associated with the property such as property taxes, insurance and maintenance and operation charges. Triple net leases are commonly used in commercial properties, such as shopping malls and apartment buildings.
    For example, under a triple net lease of an apartment buiding, a lessee may agree to manage the property, rent the apartments, maintain the building, and pay all costs, including taxes, insurance and mortgage. Basically, the owner becomes a silent partner who is no longer bothered by the responsibilities of being the landlord. In exchange, the lessee agree to pay him an amount almost equal to what his net income from the building currently is.
    A lease is generally triple net if it requires the tenant to pay the following costs:
    1. Insurance: full liability and property damage insurance 2. Maintenance: all repair and preventive maintenance during the life of the lease 3. Taxes: all state and local property taxes Most triple net leases require the lessee or tenant to cover costs to maintain the roofing, heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, exterior parking surfaces (typically asphalt), interior and exterior carpet- almost anything related to the building that can wear out or be damaged during the lease period. Some building owners reduce their risk by establishing a reserve fund into which each tenant makes regular payments. The owner then covers property maintenance costs as needed from this fund. A modified net (or modified gross) lease is a variation of the NNN lease in which the tenants pay their own utilities, interior maintenance and repairs, and insurance. The landlord pays everything else, including real estate property taxes.

    Common area maintenance is one of the triple net charges.

    This is the one we need to know about. As this charge is what affects our business.

    CAM definition:

    Cam charges are the charges that incurs when we do any work on a property.
    Most here think that the owners of the property are responsible for the charges for witch we bill.

    The owner will only pay the percentage of square feet vacant. If there are no vacant units the owner or investors will not pay a nickel for pressure cleaning charges.(tenents will pay all)

    Property Management Company’s get paid to collect and pay revenues to investors and owners. Some people think that property managers make fees off the service we provide. (That’s incorrect) They have a legal responsibility to protect the owners & tenants under state law. They derive the revenues by triple net charges, again paid by tenant and owners.

    Some of you may say I know all this or why do I need to know this?
    I’m a believer in learning as much about the people I’m selling to as possible.

    How this has helped me is that when PM’S look at budget they look at annual not monthly or one time.

    I break my proposals down and submit and exhibit that gives them this info.

    I once got a job from another company because the manager had asked if we could submit and annual proposal and the others did not do that. They actually told her on the phone just times the monthly by twelve. She knew this but the contractors didn’t realize that she has hundreds of these and wants that already done so she doesn’t have to waist more time.

    From that request I started making it standard and even at a couple meetings with PMS they actually said they gave me a shot because they thought it was a clever idea. One even started having other submit that way.

    In triple net briefly so you understand that tenants are obligated to pay for services performed on the entire property. It works similar to home owners associations.

    When we talk triple net we are talking a bout CAM, Rent & shared revenues.

    I realize that some here will not believe this, I have no time to prove me correct if I’m wrong in anyway you can take your own time and waist it trying to prove me wrong.

    Summarizing” that’s pretty much what triple net is. (In blue)

    NEW POST 11/01/05

    Can’t reach them:

    Why can’t we reach the PM’S?

    At this time of the year is the best time. They are calling many strange vendors requesting proposals. Perhaps you happened to call at the right time. She thinks your someone else.

    That’s ok, start talking and selling yourself. Explain she or he is mistaken but you will be happy to give her another proposal. Tell her you understand that she a time frame to have her 2006 budget finished and ask her what day that is. If you can comply tell her, if you cant don’t make a promise you cannot keep.

    I have explained to you that they are very busy people. Many that manage 5 to 7 centers with and assistant are almost impossible to get on the phone. They receive and negotiate 60 to 70 calls a day. They receive enough mail to choke a dinosaur.

    This is why earlier in my opinion mailers and advertisement is unless alone. I didn’t say not to do it. Writing a letter on stationary is valuable. They may see it, keep in mind the person who makes the decision often has and assistant that screens calls and mail. Faxing has worked because often PM’S go to the fax to get a legal doc and there’s your useless fax taking the fax time and eating paper. (At least they get shot to see it)

    Campaign mailers & phone calls: Target & Mass

    If you don’t want to do both then stop reading any longer than this line.

    Trust me you need to call on almost a regular basis when you start targeting.

    Throughout the year we target and mass campaign.

    Unlike the commercial market that it much easier to sell. I have stopped Mass campaigning as heavy. I will mass campaign about six times a year. Four of those six will be between now and January. The other two before spring and fall is the best times I have found.

    Unlike the targeting campaign this is much different. A personal level is established. When we decide that we want someone’s business for what ever the reasons are.

    What are the reasons you want someone?

    1. A reference from someone that’s doing business currently and says they are great people.

    2. They are listed and a fast growing company. (I love to grow with moving companies.)

    3. I prefer management holding companies over individuals. ( this is my choice and a personal preference)

    I have current individuals that are great and they take good care of me. The problems is they are protecting themselves and tenants and your really last.

    Holding company’s work for more groups and have larger portfolio. They also have and interest to keep you happy because they have other groups that need your service. They seem more interested to work with quality companies.

    Huge secret: they pay more than individuals I have 10 years of record to back this up. Rarely with a holding company once you have and established relationship do they want to negotiate the price.

    4. Local or out of state: this doe not matter to me. I have not noticed any differences.
    I have had to fly but have always been compensated by companies without even having to ask. Unlike commercial I have flying expenses on going out of my budget.

    5. For the most part I like the managers that what good company’s and price is not always the main focus because they understand and want reliable people.
    When you understand that price is always not the issue for some they you know you have someone that truly cares about what they are doing.

    More will follow on this Topic::::::::::::::
    It’s that time of the year, if you’re going to start reaching PM’s you better start now. 2008 budgets are around the corner.

    Please read

    I will mention to everyone here, I may mention names prices and things that you should not be doing on the internet. My company has no one customer over 7.5% of my total gross. I warn you folk from talking about these things publicly. Use common sense and don’t be nuts like me. (Not JOKING)

    Keep in mind and I will say this again, property mang is no getting rich quick pressure washing. It is the most profitable by far that I have found. Ok there one other but I’m not telling you. Even I keep things to myself.
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    I'm in...

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    I would be interested as well.


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    As always Im in
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    Sure, I'm in. I'd be curious to see what you're sending out.
    Mike Williamson - North Florida Pressure Washing
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    I'm also interesed.
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    count me in
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    I wouldn't mind taking a look also.

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    Count me in, thanks again for the time you offered on Friday.

    Jeff Robison
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    Hey Ron,

    I'm in, I really liked the info you gave out on that flatwork thing you did a while back.

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    Im in as Well 607-285-7458 Email me a time to call and I will call on my dime. Thanks

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    I,m interested also
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    I'm very interested! Thank you!
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    All we will be discussing is property management retail Strip centers.

    Please do not confuse this with home owner or industrial or any other venue.

    Retail strip is large and small center with retail location such as grocery store wal mart target and so on.

    Property management this time of year are preparing for 2006 budget. Most will want to finish this by the end of November.

    Some of you remember a few of my series in the past and some of the content will be the same. The largest thing we have changed is we have cut down the time it takes to compile all the info using the internet and programs like act,goldmine,winfax pro and Microsoft to make life easier to send this to all the management companies we have in our data base.

    The first step was to obtain a current list of management companies in our area. Not on the one in our area but the ones nationally that take care of the local propertyís. We were able to get a decent list and make changes to the list and check the accuracy and content.

    I will talk about correcting the list in the future and how we obtained the list and how much money and time was spent to manage the lists throughout the year.

    I will discuss the on these topics and will ad topics throughout the discussion.

    Follow up
    Mailers (brochure, faxing, cover letters ECT.)
    Triple net charges (CAM common area maintenance)

    Be patient I will go thru these topics plus many others. Property management is a slow process and you can participate at your own pace.

    You can participate and for some I may have leads that I have paid for that we would do nothing with. So if your in and areas that we have something we will share.

    Iím not perfect at this so I will be open to comment and thoughts. I do believe when I do these sessions I often learn from others also. I also upset many others for sharing what some think are trade secrets. So if you see someone get angry know that we are heading the right direction.
    Ron Musgraves

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    I also mean you cna call my cell phone anytime, day or night. Please do not call my company number. that is my business line and you won't get ahold of me there.

    Just a reminder, please ad your telenumber in signature or web site. name is manditory also.
    Ron Musgraves

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    Im In

    I would like info also.

    Steve Bell
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    I would like info to please.
    John Randolph
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    Count me into please
    Richard Schouten
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    Sign me up

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    Ron I would like the info as well. I am looking at putting more focus on flat work.
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