2 Step on old trailers

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Hi everybody, This past week one of our largest accounts requested that we acid wash (2 step) 5 of their old trailers. They never have us wash any of their trailers so these units have probably only seen rain for the last 5 years. The trailers were already sold to another company and logos had been removed, so we did our normal thing aluminum rails brightened right up layers of oxidization removed ( red trailers and the rise water coming off was bright red). Talked to the fleet maintenance manager the next day and he was impressed said he could hardly recognize that they were their trailers. 5 days later i get a call they have 30 more that need done, went in and talked to the maintenance manager again to get the trailers numbers off of him, again he told me he was impressed but mentioned that his client that purchased the trailers said that when he gets them done they come out better. The main issue is that where the stickers were is still the original paint and finish etc. where everything else has dulled down, he said his guy gets them to the point where you can barely make out the lettering that was there previously. So i guess my question is does anybody know of a 2 step process that will restore trailers like this? the only thing we could think of was maybe he was somehow stripping the finish off of where the decals were, or adding a wax to his final rinse. Any other input would be greatly appreciated!

PS we 2 step trucks for them on a request basis and they always come out looking brand new.



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I have done some that I had to spray with acid and use a brush a few times before the second step.