Crime Scene Clean Ups


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Does anyone on here offer this service? I'm not talking about just washing some blood off sidewalks, I'm talking about if a murder was to take place inside of a house or something of that nature.

I'm thinking about getting certified for it and making it as a add on service.
I know this is an older post, but this has been a really popular topic these days. The crime scene cleaning industry has gotten more and more popular with CSI shows, Forensic Shows, and more recently...the television show Crime Scene Cleaners. On the surface, it sounds like easy money, but there may be a few things you may want to consider first before you commit to doing this as a full-time business. From what I hear from a friend in the will have to deal with the sensitive nature of dealing with families in emotional shock. Secondly, you have to be used to dealing with blood, guts, body fluids, human waste, biohazardous materials, and viruses. And third, you have to deal with homeowner's insurance companies to get their approval to cover the cleaning work that needs to get done, and then you'll have to wait to be reimbursed by those companies after the work is completed. Consider working with a reputable crime scene cleanup company in your area before retiring your pressure washer. Best of luck to you~!