Fleet Washing Prices


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i have my 2 potential fleet wash contracs and was wondering if someone could help me with pricing.

the first is 3 Blue Bird buses, 2 box trucks, an f-350, and 2 Dodge Caravans. Once or maybe twice a month.

the second is 2 company vehicles.. a Chevy Equinox and a f-150 and probseveral company personal vehicles (large and smaller SUVs mainly how would you price each?)



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Im guessing the bus is standard size?

I would price at $30-35 for bus
$15-$20 box trucks depending on size
$7 bucks everything else


You mentioned Fleet Washing Prices.

Nobody is paying $25 for company or personal vehicles for fleet washing.

This is fleet washing, not detailing. At the local full-service car wash they might pay those prices because they are getting all of those services.

If you meant to say detailing then maybe you might get those prices, maybe, just depends on how good and fast you are and how often they want it done if you are offering all of those full-service services on their property.

Fleet washing is not about detailing or offering full-service services, it is about fleet washing at fleet washing prices.

Chris Tharpe

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Walk away, your not going to generate enough of an invoice to justify going out there. the buses $12-14.00 each, autos 10.00-12.00 each box truck 14-16.00 and f350 is an auto so 10-12.00 each..

even if you got top notch 20.00 per unit your still only looking to see 120-160 for the stop however your not going to get 20.00 each EOW.

the second stop you should put a minimum charge on it of 75-100 EOW 60-75 Weekly, 100-125 Monthly


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I find they have no problem with paying $10.00 for there personal autos. They also tend to take me longer to wash then a box truck.