just starting pressure washing putting in a bid for fleet cleaning

I'm putting in a bid for a couple local trucking company i used to drive for and i was just wondering about a few things from some fleet washing experts. I'm planning on getting the Landa ECOS trailer system so i don't have to worry about having the little nagging problems with putting together my own system, i was wondering tho do most companies charge for water reclaiming? Also about how long does it take to do about 20 trucks and trailers 53 footers for beginners and people who have been doing it for a while? I was planning on having a 3 man crew for bigger fleets and 2 man crew for smaller fleets, and doing it on the weekends for now until i know im making enough to quit my job which cant come soon enough. Also any input on 1 stepping or 2 stepping which is more cost effective and time effective.

Thanks for the help for a new guy


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Unless you have loads of money be careful not to dream bigger then your money allows. I would not look at anything big in terms of fleets until you can figure out these basics. We can tell you on how long it takes us to do this, but you have figure out what it will take you with your rig and your motivation. You need to start washing small fleets to figure out this information and once you have a good handle then look bigger. You do have an in with your previous company and I would use that to your advantage as much as you can. Keep in mind that you can buy all the right equipment and get all the right chemicals to start, you still need learn how to do it yourself. You could have a great start, although I have seen many like you spend lots of money on trailers and equipment only to have it on craigslist with a year for half the price. 60-70% of all pressure washer startups don't make it past 2 years in business, we don't want to see this happen and you be out a bunch of money and time.