Need input on concrete mixing truck bid

Right next to my shop there is a concrete company with 40+ 2015-2016 mixing trucks. They want me to put a bid in for cleaning these trucks once a week and also a bid for once every 2 weeks. I have always done residential/commercial washing and washing in the oilfield, never any truck or fleet washing. I'm going to do one for free as a demo so that I have a personal understanding of what is involved in the process. But assumed there is probably a general market price that some of you may be able to help me out with. Thanks in advance!

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Depends how dirty they are- That will determine how long it should take

Are you just doing the exterior and not the Mixer?

Are you cleaning the under carriage??

All questions that need to be answered
They are using them almost every day so you're standard road grime.

Cleaning the full exterior. Truck, mixer tank(outside), slide, ladder, etc.

Degreasing of the undercarriage has not been discussed.

They mainly want me to soak everything behind the truck with Back-Set Cement Dissolver and wash off.

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When you do your demo see how long it takes you and price accordingly

Any Reclaim involved? Big Question

They all parked in same area? All accessible?

Different areas have different markets

Here in NJ if your giving me 40 trucks a week-prob $20 a truck/Garbage trucks $50+ (Which i will never do)