Question about plumbing Gas powered pumps


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I recently acquired an 18hp gear driven 15gpm pump for roof cleaning. My question is: how do you plumb these systems so the constant agitation from the bypass hose doesnt cause your tank to foam over with the surfactant? I havent tried it yet, but it seems like it would cause a huge amount of suds to grow out of the tank if you had any amount of time in bypass? (trigger gun closed) I was wondering if people downstream the surfactant and just mix the SH and Water in the tank? Thanks in advance!


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If you plumb a pipe to the bottom of your tank and connect your bypass line to the pipe, it won't create the suds. Just make sure it's on the opposite side of the tank from your suction tube.

We don't downstream the roof.



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Excuse me, but can you share where you were able to buy such a pump? I've been wanting to find a very good pump for a long time to clean all the clogged drains in my house. By the way, do you happen to know a good service with pipe cleaners?


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To be honest, I have never thought about the fact - why a pump with a special soap liquid does not foam. I have been using such a pump for about three years and have never had any problems with foaming. In my case, the pump has a special compartment for soap solution, so foaming does not occur, or just in small quantities. Unfortunately, I don't remember which car cleaning pump I bought, but I definitely ordered from amazon. Try searching for a pump based on product reviews. According to the reviews, you can say a lot about the product or service. Just recently, thanks to reviews, I was able to find a wonderful drain camera inspection service? So do not be discouraged, I am sure that with the proper desire you can find anything!
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