sold my hood cleaning business


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This is what I learned selling my business:

If you are a one man company, you can make $8000 a month profit and your business is worth close to zero to anyone else. It is very hard to sell because you have to find someone willing to buy a job. Someone with alot of money who also wants to work nights cleaning hoods is hard to find.

If you have two crews you will make the same $8,000 month after paying the crews and all the other expenses. However, you now have a business that an investor will buy. Alot of people are willing to buy a hood cleaning business if they think they don't have to clean hoods.

Mine was for sale for 10 days and I had to finally tell the buyers to leave me alone.

It took two years of poverty to build it, but it is sweet today.


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sold my biz

I signed a non compete for North Carolina. I am thinking about trying to buy into a small KEC company outside the state and being a mostly silent partner.


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I know of a company in your area that recently hasn't dunn well. At least that's what has been coming out of the grapevine. Maybe you can get a deal. ;)


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There are many areas of the US that company has not dunn very :eek: well in.
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Tell me more about the foam

is it caustic based ? How do you make it foam ? How much have I got to spend to be able to do this,,, What do you think it would do on burned on grease in a burger king duct.. I got some burned on grease that actually breaks 4" razor blades... and nothing gets this stuff off.. We tried a contolled burn with a torch weed burner one time and almost hade a big fire because the duct work is not completely sealed at most of these burger kings? Well what do you think ??? Oh by the way I just turned 40 Today... Damn I'm old ... I may have to retire soon.


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A "Done for" errr... I mean a "dun well" clown called me to do service for them. t They offered me $375.00 for a macaroni grille. I went and looked at it and the system had a 30 ft. horozontal that had never been touched.

I told them $800.00 for initial for proper cleaning and they said yes please do it. Imagine my surprise when they sent me a check for $375.00. Asking where the rest was they said "We will ge that right out to you."

That was 5 months ago. I am glad I saw this post. It has reminded me to call my lawyer and send them a friendly letter!


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Parker said:
$375.00 for a macaroni grille.

Ditto.....Yeah.....some of those macaroni grills have lots of laterals, others have about 5 seperate systems.
Lotta ducts for not much money.

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