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    Are you using Job Hiring Websites

    Does anyone use websites like Indeed, Careerbuilder, to find employees? If not how are you advertising for employees? Any advice would be appreciated. I'm hiring my first employee this season.
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    Grease for Whisper Wash

    What grease should I use to lubricate my Whisper Wash? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Cleaning Mount Rushmore

    I saw this slide show on the NY Post. Pretty cool pictures of a crew cleaning all over the world. Anyone recognize their company?
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    How to remove rust stains from gutters

    I have a customer who has old leaf guards on his gutters which have rusted and caused rust stains to run down the gutters. Is there a product that will remove the rust stains without harming the gutters? He does not want to paint the gutters after I remove the rust stains.
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    Can't find parts supplier online

    I need a oil dipstick assembly for my Giant P316 Pump. I broke the plastic cap to the oil fill today. I can't find a parts store online who has any Giant pump parts. My old parts supplier is out of business. Can anyone recommend a parts supplier?
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    Pressure Washer price differences

    Why are cold water belt drive pressure washers priced so differently for machines with similar specs. I see 5.5 gpm machines from $1,800 to $3,500. They all have similar specs and name brand pumps (CAT, General, Comet, Giant) Does it just come down to a higher end model for the same pump? I...
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    Does SH get weaker over time

    It seems like my 12% SH is not working like it did last year. I start with my standard amount but I have to keep increasing how much I put in my bucket for downstreaming on siding. I'm buying it from a pool place that probably has the same stock from last year. I know no one is buying it for...
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    First Customer of this Season

    My First Customer of the season. Feels good to be back out power washing. Anyone else been waiting for the weather to break?
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    Stain on Cedar Siding Peeling

    My in-laws have a cedar shingle house that is stained with Sikkens Siding Finish. The house siding was stained four years ago. The stain is supposed to last longer than four years. I was told my brother in law used outdoor bleach then power washed it before it was stained. It was not stained...
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    Pre-treat Concrete

    Does anyone pre-treat driveways, sidewalks and walkways with their mix before using their surface cleaner? Also if you do pre-treat what mix are you using, and at what ratio? Also does anyone use TSP in their mix for concrete?
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    Changing Color of Stucco

    Hi, new to this forum. I'm looking for help with a stucco house. I have a job at 3 story residential stucco house coming up. Its definitely stucco. The stucco has dirt and algae on it. The house is old and the stucco is too. I would describe the stucco as rough compared to the stucco I've...