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    Best way to clean the remaing Black stains off deck?? Potting Soil? or mold?

    I have cleaned a deck and there remains what looks to be like potting soil and charcoal black stains on the deck .Might be black mold still? The rest of the deck looks fine but the black stains are not removing. My mix was 3-2% bleach with 32 oz of F-18 in 8gals mixed then applied straight . Any...
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    Steam Cleaner advise

    Can anyone give me a model # or brand of Steam Cleaner that will remove gum on sidewalks? Costs? Thanks..
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    Paint on colored stone

    Would a paint removal chemical damage this colored stone entrance? Thanks..
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    Sign cleaning

    I go this cleaning job to do and they want there sign cleaned.. Look at these photos and any advice on how to clean this would be helpful.. the yellow stain is my main concern.. Thanks in advance.. The sign feels like vinyl or screen print
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    Time Frame on 12 x 12 Deck Wash

    I would like to know what would your be the hrs to just wash a 12x12 Deck with hand rails and 4 steps. From start of wash to end of ox.. Average dirty deck..Thanks
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    what size pw do you guys use to wash decks?

    Do you use a portable low GPM 1000psi or trailer/truck mount higher GPM 1000psi to clean wood? Or other.
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    Thinking about changing company name

    I have been thinking about changing my company's name. I was just wondering how many times have you changed yours and what effects does it have on an existing web site that I have created? Thanks..
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    Stand off's

    Just wondering what kind of stand off's are you using.. I have Warner but just interested in knowing other types being used.. Thanks..
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    Cleaning Fake Stone

    I have a question about cleaning Fake stone leading into housing developments. The caps on the pillars are like a hard plastic even. What is the best way to clean these? I was thinking a strong soft wash technique and a soft brush. I really don't want to use a pressure washer right now.. Thanks...
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    Hello from Burlington NC

    Hello everyone on PWI.. I am Matt with Cobra PowerHouse Washn from Burlington NC . Glad to be here and look forward to reading a lot and possible meet some of you at some point.