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    Quick injector size question

    If I add hose and the injector isn't able to draw soap because of the added hose, do I need to go up an injector size or down? Running 200 ft on my 4200/4 gpm unit, and I THINK my current downstream injector is 2.1mm. Should I go to 1.8? On my way to supply shop now.
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    Out od commission for a few days

    My cold water residential rig is just a little 5x8 trailer and relatively light. I needed to move it a few feet, so instead of hooking it up, I lifted the tongue to move it like I've done many times before. Only this time I stumbled. I was able to catch myself from falling, but not before...
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    Injector + Variable Pressure Wand

    Yup, another downstream injector question. I just recently switched to a variable pressure wand. Same trigger, just changed out the wand past the gun. Prior to the switch, I could draw soap just fine. Now, when turning down the pressure on the variable pressure wand, I can't draw anything...
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    Cold Unit + Hot Box ok of Commercial?

    I am having to quickly ramp up my operation due to a large amount of business landing my in my lap. I currently have a cold water 4200psi/4gpm machine. I am now being asked to do business sidewalks, a few head-in parking spots, and a few dumpster pads. I plan on getting a hot water skid in the...
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    First Commercial Job

    Just completed my first commercial job as a sub contractor. Job consisted of a two-story building, a large L-shaped building, an outcrop building, and a bank. Approximately 30k sq ft of sidewalks and patios on two levels, 5 stair wells and stairs. Got several more similar jobs in queue.
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    Spiders: I felt like Bilbo in The Hobbit!

    Attached are some before and after pics of a house wash I did yesterday. Turned out pretty good I think, but man, what a tough job! First, a lot of those are spider nests. As soon as I started spraying, big, fat LIVE spiders started dropping down all around me. Thought I might be wrapped up...
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    Advice for rinsing ground-level sidewalks?

    Here in Dallas, we've had a lot of rain lately, which has caused a lot of mud and dirt to was onto our neighborhood sidewalks. I've had several calls this week to clean these sidewalks. The problem is that these sidewalks are ground level, and often times have sections that dip down below...
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    Famous Names You've Cleaned For

    Today I gave a house wash quote for Stevie Benton. For those that don't know, he's the bassist for the metal band Drowning Pool, and has been a founding member since 1996. Drowning Pool plays the "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" song among many others. Really cool, polite, down to earth guy...
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    PWI Hats!

    Where can I purchase a PWI hat? I keep seeing photos of people with them, but I can't find anywhere to order them.
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    Heavy/Large Oil Stains With Cold Water

    This is what I used. Below are the before and after pics.
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    Heavy/Large Oil Stains With Cold Water

    I know, I know..."only way to get rid of oil stains is with hot water." With that said, all my business to date has been residential, which 95% of the time cold water is fine. So for now, investing in a hot water skid isn't really justifiable. I have a resident looking to sell her home. Her...
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    Vendor Booth Ideas?

    My community has a lot of small, independent businesses/contractors, and we will be setting up a vendor fair type thing, where we can all set up a booth to advertize our company and talk with the residents. Have any of you ever set up a booth? If so, what are some ideas that you had? I'll...
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    Quoting Residential Exteriors

    Those of you who do residential exterior cleanings, how do you quote? I've always quoted based on the linear ft of the exterior, with one rate/lin ft for a single story, and another rate/lin ft for a two story. For instance, if the house is single story 35ftx50ft, I would quote 170 linear ft...
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    Simple question...what gloves do you guys use/recommend? I have a set of leather gloves that are very comfortable and offer some good protection, but they are not waterproof. By the time I am done with one residential job, my hands are soaked. I haven't been able to find a good pair of...
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    Graffiti on vinyl fence

    Anyone know of a way to remove graffiti off a vinyl fence without damaging the fence?