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    Happy Thanksgiving all

    Title sums it up, happy Thanksgiving everybody! Thanks to those that contribute their education on the site.
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    Received my first maintenance call

    Question for all you about a call doing some flatwork cleaning at a small commercial location. This would be for me to come by, give it an initial deep cleaning with the possibility of landing a maintenance deal once or twice a month doing the upkeep. I'm comfortable in my ability to have this...
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    Float Valve Question

    So I was cleaning in an area that ran off of a well yesterday. First hose bib was only putting out about 5gpm, so I switched to a hose bib right next to the well, which was putting out a good 9+ gpm. After cleaning for an hour or two I went back to check on my buffer tank, and I had my tank over...
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    More Official Introduction

    As of last week officially formed my company (just me so far owner/operator), and looking forward to learning more about the business side of the work involved. With all the craziness of holidays and getting started I won't be able to make the Orlando event, but looking forward to meeting...
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    Question about water pole / "noodle"

    Hey guys. I've had a water pole (high pressure 24' extender) that years ago I would use for cleaning random things when not using chemicals. To be honest I haven't dragged the thing out of my trailer in over a year, and don't really see myself using it again.. I guess my main question to you...
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    new from florida

    Hey guys, I came across the site while searching for helpful information on bridging two pressure washers together, and loved what I was learning. Was doing side work with a 4gpm 4000psi direct drive machine, and recently stepped up to a 9.5gpm at 3250 psi rig. Can't wait to learn some more...