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    Best Pressure Washing Gloves! RoofTec Tip

    What are the best gloves to wear while soft washing? How do you keep your hands warm while pressure washing in the winter? With the weather changing, it's time to think about how to best keep your hands warm! Over the years I've tried all types of combinations of gloves/glove liners, etc...
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    RoofTec All-In-One Exterior Cleaning System - Baltimore, MD

    This week I'll be driving our RoofTec demo truck up from Raleigh to Baltimore! We'll be hosting a RoofTec day with 2 of our distributors locations. Come visit, talk shop, see the ONLY all-in-one exterior cleaning machine, enjoy a free lunch and say hi! Thursday September 22nd, 2022 Aramsco...
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    Is your company ready for the upcoming seasonal changes? Ryan Cash

    Seasonal changes also bring industry changes. If you're new to exterior cleaning and this will be your first winter, Pay Attention! It’s not too late to start thinking about how business is going to change over the next few months! October- Days are starting to get shorter, You may not have as...
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    How do you clean Red Clay stains? Ryan Cash and Rooftec Systems

    There are a few areas in the country (normally in the south east) that have red colored clay/soil. But what causes it to be red? All soil in the world forms result from a combination of climate, organic life, inorganic material, relief and time. These specific soils have a red tint due to the...
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    All-In-One RoofTec Cleaning System

    Roof Cleaning Equipment! Pressure Washing Equipment! Can It all be done with a single system? While normally I like to give tips and cleaning guides... Today it's going to be a shameless, self promotion! Here is why i think the RoofTec XCS500 is the best all around piece of equipment you can...
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    What are the Parts of a Roof?

    absolutely! I'll check it out!
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    Rooftec Systems: Do you Need Surfactant? (And what is it?)

    Surfactant Vs Soap Vs Detergent What are they and do you need them? There's a lot of confusion in the industry with these terms. Some guys will assume they're all the same thing, just different names...but is that true? While some people use these terms interchangeably, There are probably...
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    Rooftec Tip: Drink Water!

    Right now it seems to be excessively hot everywhere! We're even up in the mid 90's up here in Washington State! I know that's nothing compared to some areas of the country, but just wanted to put out a quick reminder to stay hydrated! Drink water BEFORE you feel thirsty. Drink water in small...
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    How a 6" Twig Could Cost you $300!

    Before I started working on the All-In-One Rooftec System, I spent 10 years cleaning. During that time, one of the most helpful lessons I ever learned was: Attention to detail is, by far, the most important aspect of exterior cleaning It's more important than speed, efficiency, and...
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    Rooftec All-In-One Exterior Cleaning System + $500 of Free Chems!

    Through the end of the summer, if you pick up a Rooftec all-in-one exterior cleaning system, you'll get $500 worth of free chems! Rooftec Systems!
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    What are the Parts of a Roof?

    When soft washing and cleaning a roof with the Rooftec XCS500, it's important to be able to identify the different parts of a roof. Being an expert in this industry involves knowing more than just how to clean. You want to be able to have informed conversations with the customer about their...
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    Exterior Cleaning Pricing Guide: Ryan Cash and Rooftec Systems

    I think the point i was trying to make in this posting was that although there are "average" prices, there are a few important factors to consider when thinking about your pricing (overhead, market acceptance, time, knowledge, etc.). Totally agree about charging more for experience and...
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    Roof Moss Removal Guide by Ryan Cash

    Totally agree. What's even more crazy is that even with pricing increases, roofing material has dropped in quality. They're using more filler, that has more limestone and calcium carbonate. That's what the algaes/organics feed on. So even though a roof is going to cost more, it's a better...
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    Roof Moss Removal Guide by Ryan Cash

    Thanks man! I've never used one of those scrapers but seen lots of videos of guys using them. Most of my work was always on asphalt shingles. Just looked at your website though! Looks awesome!
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    Preventative Maintenance Vs. Equipment Repairs

    How much time a week do you spend on preventative maintenance with your equipment? ] How much time do you spend a week on equipment repairs. Usually the two of these have a pretty strong correlation and most the time, new guys in the industry don’t consider this. The more time you invest in...