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    what sanders do you use? brand, etc...
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    two step rims with problems

    i cant find hf locally so when in a pinch i picked up some sulfuric. did a hell of a job on the rims but no matter what i do i get black and brown streaking from the lugs. any tips for me?
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    need help with stains

    i cant figure out how to get this stain out of my father in laws saddle tank. he said it should just be antifreeze. i've used strikeforce, a degreaser, and i have an acid (phosphoric and sulfuric blend for polished aluminum). it doesnt budge. i've had these tanks looking spotless, then one...
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    when stripping a deck...

    when stripping a deck, siding or fence what do you do about the stain that comes off? i recently did some siding on a two story house. stain came off very easy but made brown sloppy mess in the yard. what do you do about that? what if it was over a driveway or something?
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    quick connect for lances

    anyone use a quick connect to attach your lances to your guns so you can use different sizes quickly or do you just use a different gun with different size lances? would the quick connect be able to hold the lance properly or would it wear them down quickly?
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    where to buy 0040 nozzle

    i cant find a 0040 quick connect tip for the life of me. could someone please point me in the right direction
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    Truck Cleaning?

    i dont really have the time right this second to do a search so i'm just gonna make a quick post. my father inlaw is a trucker and wants me to wash his truck. i dont have a heated washer and i dont have any cleaning products for trucks. i explained that to him and he wants me to do it anyway...